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The Green Man of Eshwood Hall

Striking a perfect balance between myth and psychosocial realism, this beautifully written debut is the first of a projected series set in an imaginary version of Northumberland ― Guardian

A doozy of a final twist that recalls M. R. James at his nastiest ― Telegraph

A novel about vanity, selfishness and exploitation and the damage they do … beautifully written and heart-breaking ― Literary Review

One of those books that enchant you to the point of distraction; so engrossing, you crave more precious reading time. […] It offers the reader a classic adventure story, delivers ample scares and supernatural peril, and show that for all her real-world woes, the protagonist’s life can still get infinitely worse. An absolute treasure of a novel, one that reminds you what a joy reading can be. ― Buzz Magazine

Kerr sets his story in “Northalbion”, a fictionalised Northumberland, and examines the traditions and customs of the area as well as its landscape and wildlife with a keen forensic eye. At the same time, he skilfully evokes a nation, its old certainties overturned by war, on the cusp of social upheaval and change ― Financial Times

Brimming with wonder and menace, The Green Man of Eshwood Hall is unnerving, unflinching and unputdownable. This is a story that possesses its readers dreamlike and yet utterly convincing ― Nell Stevens, author of Briefly, A Delicious Life

Lush and magical, softly creepy and ultimately shocking; Kerr is a born storyteller ― Jenn Ashworth, author of Ghosted

Eshwood Hall is a great English house surrounded by sprawling woods. In 1962, Izzy is thirteen, lives in the servants quarters and doesn’t go to school. Neglected by her parents, she spends her moments of freedom exploring the forest and the village beyond. The more she comes to understand the history of the place and her own situation, the stranger are the things she hears and sees. The most tantalising of these is the Green Man who inhabits the woods, and seems to know all about her, even those desires she has buried deep inside.

A family story rooted in folk tale, The Green Man of Eshwood Hall shows us the power that the wild still holds on our imagination, and the shocking nightmares to which it can give rise.